100 logos in 100 days

The main goal of this project is to train creative thinking every day.
I’m going to tell you my days through logos, they themes vary and they are made fast, sometimes rough but everyone is special.
This project commenced on October 20th 2016.

 070. Big Moon – It was a night with no moon.

 069. Sixty Nine – The original logo was too rude.

 068. Boxing Day – Help! I ate too Much.

 067. Merry Christmas to you all.

 066. Christmas eve – Getting ready for tomorrow.

 065. Not Fan. – Not fan at all.

 064. Eat. Sleep. – I love Holidays.

 063. Brothers – Got a tattoo with my Brother today.

 062. Family – Family is not a label.

 061. Flying Home – Flying to Sicily.

 060. Sixty – We are in the right flow.

 059. Samurai – I really love Japanese food.

 058. Insert Coin – OK, I definitely bought too many Christmas presents.

 057. Sefton Park – I love Sefton Park in winter.

 056. Time goes by so slowly – A long day.

 055. Emotions – Tears stream down my face, goodbye dear friend.

 054. Broke – I bought too many Christmas presents.

 053. New Hope – Setting my New Year’s intentions.

 052. We don’t need this anymore – It was an amazing day in London with my friend Peppe.

 051. My Way – My life my way.

 050. 50% – 50 days have passed.

 049. Go Shopping – Christmas is coming and I haven’t got any gift for my friends yet.

 048. The Special One – …

 047. Seven Zeds – Lots of ZZZ today.

 046. Duck You – I’m pretty sure that D was a F.

 045. Mates – Be slow to fall into friendship.

 044. Space Needs Space – We do all need some space, even a logo.

 043. Still Alive – Please don’t think that I’m begging you for love

 042. The Curve – Is this the right curve?

 041. EX – Is it Okay To Keep In Touch With the Ex? NO, IT IS NOT

 040. Fortieth – I can’t believe we’re already here

 039. Human After All – One of my favourite songs

 038. Tired – I worked 15hrs today :/

 037. RecMan – We are always under control.

 036. IDK – One of those days.

 035. Jelly Led – That jellyfish was so bright.

 034. Etna – 3,350m – 50px.

 033. SadFly – A friend of mine is 33 and she is always sad for “likes”.

 032. Natural Selection – Natural Selection is not Evolution.

 031. BAA – What does the sheep say?.

 030. Trust – Trust no one even Comic Sans was once a good font.

 029. Sunless – Welcome to England.

 028. Fat Pork – That pork was so big, I’ve never seen anything like that.

 027. Long-K – Private stuff.

 026. Sicily – Going to spend Christmas with family.

 025. Vulnerable – I feel like a paper fox sometimes.

 024. Sad Shopping – It was very sad.

 023. Banality – Dado is the italian for dice and my logo is a dice, banality innit?

 022. Disappeared – I swear I saw it!

 021. Naked Geisha – Japanese food makes me crazy

 020. Kuqua – Kuqua is how my 2 years old nephew calls ice creams

 019. Fog – Where am I?

 018. Pipe – This is not a pipe

 017. Loud thoughts – I think that sometimes I speak with myself out loud

 016. Three Chefs – I miss cooking with my parents

 015. kitsch – “Kitsch is the inability to admit that shit exists”. [Milan Kundera]

 014. Mood – Mood of the day.

 013. Hole in the head – I’m going to miss you like a hole in the head

 012. Hug – A hug for you my friend

 011. Fast Forward Life – Why does time go faster as we get older?

 010. XXXL – Why is it so hard to find cute plus size clothes?

 009. Wackymetric – My day was so wacky.

 008. IDK – I had no ideas.

 007. Movember – My moustache made me do it.

 006. Day of the glitch – I feel so hungover today.

 005. No.Nino – I really hate when people call me Nino.

 004. Puppo – Sicilian word for faggot.

 003. 916=8 – Can three numbers become one?.

 002. G&G Home – Each of my parents’ first initials creating the letter H for Home.

 001. Quoffee – While I was drinking my coffee some words came to my mind: “A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.” [Bruno Munari]